I have a client who has been really jealous of red-headed woman all through her marriage. When she was with her husband, and they saw an attractive red-haired woman, she would become withdrawn and melancholy. It was so not like her, and something that she never admitted to anyone, until we started working together.

She freed herself of this issue by disciplining herself to record her dreams in a journal. By doing so, she began to consciously recall many adventures, past life scenarios and lessons that she was given during the night. In a dream, she saw the most beautiful red-haired woman standing before her. She had vibrancy, beauty, sincerity and self-confidence. Suddenly she shifted vantage points. She was the beautiful red-haired woman. This is how she was more comfortable looking in her past lives.

What she thought was jealousy of another was actually looking at an aspect of herself that was merely dormant in the present lifetime. In that lifetime as a red-haired woman, she and her present husband were also very much in love. When she was feeling jealous, it was her feeling remorseful that she didn’t look the way she did in that past lifetime for him in the present life. It was a bit of nostalgia for the past.

When we fixate on something in jealousy, we are seeing an aspect of ourselves that we once manifested but now is dormant. In the classroom of life, we need to experience every scenario; to glean the wisdom and compassion to transcend. Jealousy doesn’t need to set up feelings of incessant want. Twinges of it can be a gauge for us to dig deeper into life and awaken an aspect of ourselves that we didn’t know existed. Jealousy and other undesirable reactions are merely part of the glorious adventure of our own self discovery.

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