There is power in words. We all feel them. Say the word miserable and see how it feels in the body. Now say the word Joyous, and see how the body responds differently. It has even been proven that the vibration of words can change the molecular structure of water. Words matter.

There is a reason that the most ruthless swarm of modern killers has called themselves Isis. They have proven their hate for woman by kidnapping female children and selling them into a life of slavery and rape. Their purpose is to empower themselves by the desecrating of female energy. This is the time for female energy to  rise up and become equal in and balanced with male energy. “Power” is reacting on a primal level to this, It is evident by the choice of their name.

They have chosen a name; that for all history; is a vibration of empowered female energy. It is very intentional. It is their intention to reclaim their male domination by desecrating female energy and  by destroying the vibration of a sacred word. We cannot participate in that. But we do: we participate every time we call them by the name they have chosen. By using the name of a revered Goddess they are attempting to desecrate female energy world-wide (by destroying the vibration of female energy). They are attempting to change the vibration of the name ISIS to mean male domination and the desecration of woman.

There is something we can all do to take back the power on an energetic level. It is something that we can all do and spread the word to all media outlets to do as well. It may sound silly to some but we who understand, will be taking action on a deep energetic level by doing just one simple thing and by not being afraid to do it.

My dear friend told me that some had come to calling the group “IS” so as to NOT desecrate the world Isis. I thought this was a wonderful thing but something disturbed me about it. The word “IS” is an open word. “Is” is an uplifting open energy. This group SHOULD NOT be called “is”. That will still be giving them permission on an energetic level to do what they do. This group should be called “ISNOT”.

Anyone who understands the importance of the vibration of words will understand how very important and empowering to the world it will be to rename the group “IS NOT”. Please share this and please spread the word: literally. It is a way for every single person to take back the power from this horrendous group. Say it to yourself and FEEL the difference. We can “IS NOT” them right out of existence.

You see, every time we call them by the name they chose, we are giving them our power and giving over a sacred vibration to them. Every time we call them ISNOT, we are literally telling them that they are nothing, they have nothing and they will become nothing. We will be disarming them at a deep vibrational level. When millions of people do this, it will be mind-blowing how easy it is to diminish them. This is a demonstration to humanity how empowered we are to disarm and dissipate their effectiveness; on a deep vibrational level.

Lets start a movement! Please educate everyone. Never use that word again in reference to them. Please share this with every news outlet, group, female advocate agency, anyone with a voice and anyone who wants to see good prevail in the world. Spread the word. Feel the surge of empowerment in doing this one simple thing that we can all do. Feel how good it feels to just read this and KNOW that there is something that you can do to actually be effective. This is a demonstration in the world taking back its power. This is a group demonstration in the power of the individual. Please share and retweet! Let’s Dismantle them; God Speed!

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