Intangible Benefits of Releasing

Here is a message I received tonight. It is a great confirmation between our health and the health of our pets.


I want to share with you that our cat had had some sores on his neck that he kept scratching open, and in a place where a collar would not have helped. I had been massaging coconut oil into the area to keep it moist. Anyway, I want to share that he had a quick and dramatic recovery directly after my fiance’s session with you. All the fur has grown back in, and Big Cat’s neck is all healed up.


We know he was manifesting things going on w my fiance’ and his throat chakra. That is my observation on it, anyway. So just wanted to stop by and say thank you!


Last week my husband had a session with Jen on the phone. It wasn’t two hours until he was telling me that he felt more “empowered” and had more energy. Today he told me on my way home that he loved and missed me. When I did arrive home today he immediately wanted me to see that he had cleared off several large piles of papers from his desk. Those papers had been there in the same place for many years. That is a first I think….


Thank you Jen Ward for all you do in the service of others.

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