Inner Beauty as a Reality

I remember the day I realized that inner beauty was a tangible thing.  I was at a restaurant in the days of salad bars. My attention was riveted on a teen age girl collecting a salad for herself.  Her beauty was mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn away.  But then on closer scrutiny, I saw that she had a crooked mouth, a nose that was a funny shape and clumsy limbs.  She was still incredibly beautiful.  But why?  She looked like an angel to me and it was a bit confusing.

That’s when I realized that the term inner beauty wasn’t just an expression. As a result, I did years of field study on the subject. I came up with an understanding for myself that may be helpful to others. Apparently all babies have an innate inner glow. But as they mature, some had it in lesser degrees. I attributed it to their crown chakra (soft spot) on the top of their head fusing closed. Again at the age of puberty and beyond, many children lost their glow. It seemed like there was a correlation between teens with diverse interests and the energy force. These teens seemed to have the “IT” factor.

Now I believe that Inner beauty is the ability to draw upon the energy of the Universe and hold it in the body’s energy field.  If the body was a beautiful chandelier, it would be the chandelier that was ignited with electricity.

I believe some people draw upon the ethers, funnel it more readily into their glandular system and distribute this energy through their beingness. They ignite the mitochondria of every single cell like little light bulbs. The saturating life force becomes visible because trillions of tiny light bulbs have actually been lit. This is how, I believe, real beauty does come from the inside.

I think if people had this realization, those who do everything they could to be beautiful. would go about it differently.  They would eat and exercise better, and  pray/contemplate/meditate more. Maybe everyone would treat others better as well.  Also, maybe the people that are dissecting their faces and other practices that disrupts their body’s energy flow, would realize that it’s counter productive to their passion of being beautiful.

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