Hybrid Star People

Twenty five years ago, I was living in this unique area where the hills were beautifully alive and the nights were rich with mystery. There were unique interactions there that piqued my sensitive senses. Not too many that I can articulate well. It was just an oblique kind of peaceful region. I was told by dear friends that there was much UFO activity in the area. I was excited by the notion but had no first hand knowledge of any thing like that, only my more subtle experiences.

When my body was asleep, I would be fully awake and would find myself on a spacecraft that was brimming with babies. There were babies everywhere. I am certain that my mind altered the image to something that was acceptable to me but all that I saw were babies. I knew what my purpose for being there was. My job was to love the babies. To pick them up and to imprint them with what it is like to be human.

What I understood was that they were a mix of human babies with the genetic make up of space people. They would incarnate into the world and would be more adaptable to survival in the future. They would be the liaison between earth and the other cultures. They would help earth survive into the future and help the earth culture mix with the other cultures in space.

I would go nightly and love these babies. I totally forgot about this experience until recently. What made me think about it is the dynamic children that I meet. I am drawn to dynamic young adults who are so advanced and striving to transcend the inertia of the present world. I have just realized that these dynamic young adults are the babies that I held in that ship and gave the extra nurturing so that they can excel in love as much as the other parts of their lives.

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