How could someone so Beautiful
Be so unaware
To see the worthiness in everyone else
But with themselves pretend not to care?

How could someone shine with such love
Be blinded to such a degree
That they see what they see bursting in others
Yet in themselves they refuse to see?

How can someone share such incredible gifts
Encouraging all others in receiving
But when it comes to their dynamic self
Have trouble even believing?

How do you encourage someone
Whose hell-bent on “besmirching”
The magnificent fountain of love that they are
That they are the source that their searching?

How do you make someone realize,
To clearly understand
That while they are being loving to all
They are holding themselves in remand?

How can you pin them up against truth
That they are reflecting so clear
To make them know the incredible beauty
That they are reflecting themselves in the mirror

How about writing a long-winded poem
That resonates responsibly true
That the person that this poem is definitely about
It’s the one reading it now. It is YOU.


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Jen Ward 5/14/14

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