How the World Would Be Different if Everyone Remembered Their Past Lives

There would be no more victims. Everyone would realize that the life they are living is the one that they laid the groundwork for. Everyone may even know more readily who they have wronged, in the past by those who dislike for them.

Fears could be overcome more readily by realizing they are hints of past traumas to address.

Children would be treated better knowing that they may be our caregivers when we return. Also realizing that each individual is a whole person from the beginning.

Pollution, corruption, and social issues would be dealt with from the selfish motive of knowing that the world we create is the one we inherit.

Education would be revamped because people would want every opportunity afforded to them when they return.

Obsession over who people loved would dry up realizing that loving relationships span multiple lifetimes and sometimes both partners incarnate as the same sex.

There would be more motivation to live a more ethical life as to gain an overall advantage in the hierarchy of enlightenment.

There would be fewer suicides because people would realize that there is no way to avoid the lessons of life but to learn from them and advance.

There would be less insanity because denying such an obvious truth creates a schism in the psyche between our innate intelligence and the inaccuracies we are taught to believe.

There would be less obsession over a woman’s right to choose realizing that people don’t create souls, only a passageway into this world.

The death penalty and imprisonment wouldn’t be such solutions as it would be understood that we would only be damaging people more before they were released into the world in their next life.

There would be less obsession over being young when people realize that they will have their chance to be that again.

Religious doctrine would register with more truth and would be a blueprint on how to become enlightened rather than a means to police behavior.

It would be easier to make decisions because we wouldn’t be taught from birth inaccuracies that separate us from trusting our innate ability to know truth.

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