How It Works

When I help people with their physical, emotional, and mental pain, I do so by staying detached. What that means is I look at it from a vantage point that is not at the same “frequency” as the issue. Meaning if it is emotional issues I don’t respond emotionally, if it is mental anguish, I don’t hash it out with the client.

I look at it as energy and explain to them what the triggers are and what the issues are, how they are triggering their present life and then disconnect it and release it. To me, I feel it like congestion; like a stuffy room and I dissipate it with my intention. Usually the client feels some evidence of a shift. They will feel lighter or able to breathe deeper or have a sense of relief.

Love is a conduit. When one is in love with another, they are in the same “space”. When I facilitate a session, I am in love with the client. That is why I am able to perceive what they are perceiving. If the client does not feel comfortable with me, they will close off and there is little sharing. In this way, they are always in control. Since Love is the mainstay, I only assist others to the degree that they are able to trust the process. For many, just getting up the incentive to work with me is a catharsis. They may get anxious before a session because the stagnant energy that they have been suppressing may be coming to the surface to release.

After a session, the client will many times want to back track and talk about the issues. I will not allow it. It is a way of pulling it back to themselves. They also want to describe issues to me. Describing issues is a way to bring another person to the same level as your issues. It is an unconscious way to get relief by transferring ones issues. Please don’t use people this way. Please learn a more detached way of dealing with your issues.

Technique: What ever your discomfort; whether it is physical, emotional or mental agitation, sense it as a stagnant cloud of energy within you. Visualize moving it out of yourself like watching a cloud pass in the sky. Watch the cloud pass out of you and immediately see it dissipated into a river off Light or the cleansing rays of sunshine. In this way, you will not be inflicting your issues on another being.

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