How I Became Friends with Mariel Hemingway

I was on twitter for three days and I did not really know how to use it. I followed Mariel because I always liked her. She started to tweet about her dog being missing. I did not respond right away. I figured that she would not be responsive and left it at that.. But then I got a clear image of her dog and when she posted a picture of him, the images matched so I called.

I relayed the scenario that I saw. Mariel confirmed that she knew where I was speaking about. It was close to where the dog went missing. I told her a couple things I could not have possibly known about little Bindu. He was annoyed with the children that were playing with him and he didn’t like the food they wanted him to eat.

This was great confirmation to her that I was tuned into Bindu and that he had not been eaten by the coyotes that roam the area at night. Bindu she knew didn’t care for children and his diet at home was all organic so he would miss it. I told Mariel and Bobby the area to look for Bindu. I described it in detail.

But I also felt that he was found by a Hispanic family that was afraid to come forward because of maybe not having a green card. It was discouraging to know that Bindu was out there for them, but I got a sense that he would be returned right after Christmas. I knew the Hispanic family was afraid, so I inwardly communicated with them (like I do with pets) and told them it was the best thing to return the dog and they would not be in trouble. I even did an emotional release to ease their fear.

On Dec 27th, I got a call from Mariel and Bobby. They were on their way to pick up Bindu. Someone had dropped him off in a box in front of the house. The address looked similar to the original street I tuned into the first day I talked with them.

After that, Mariel was sharing something about her leg on twitter. I explained how I can unblock energy in the body as well as find lost pets. I unwound the constricted energy in her foot and it hasn’t been an issue since. We have become friends and I have assisted her many times. We connect and support each other as much as possible.

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