How Deep the Sessions Go

I recently facilitated a private remote session with a woman who felt her energy was blocked. As soon as I tuned into her, I felt that her one wrist was weak and her energy was bowed to one side. She confirmed that the wrist does get weak and her hips experienced a lot of pain; which was reflected in the bowing energy.

I also tuned into something really unique. I felt a big thumb at her crown chakra. It was actually plugging up the energy from getting into her body. It was a huge interference that was causing dark energy where it should have been most light. It lightened up into gradients of gray going down into her body. But it was definitely dark at the top. I did not know what was causing it. But it felt like it had to do with her religion affiliation.

I asked her what religion she was. I knew she had outgrown whatever one it was, but I had to ask the question. She told me that she was raised in the Roman Catholic church. There was resentment in her words. She also volunteered that she hated being constricted in any way. She equivocated Catholicism with being constricted. As she was explaining this, her Akashic records opened up to me.

It went immediately to her babyhood and the process of being baptized. The priest who facilitated it seemed to have no love for her. He was not a warm person. It also showed her past lives with this man. He was a nemesis who she spent many lifetimes battling with. It was his mission to break her. So when she came into this world as a spiritually awakened soul in a baby form, he was here to meet her and close her down. During the ritual of baptism, instead of her energy being opened up, it was plugged shut by this man’s thumb and hatred for her. Of course this is all on subliminal levels so outwardly, it would only seem like he was indifferent to the baby.

The baptismal is supposedly meant to open the baby to spirit. It actually is the first step to indoctrinating the baby into the religion of their parent’s choice. But in this case, it was devastating. It closed the woman’s energy down and caused her to feel restricted all of her life. That is what we worked on releasing. The starchy little outfit that she was baptized in was just a hammer to drive in the point of how energetically restricted she was.

This man was a key player in many lifetimes when she was tied up and restricted. It was their soul contract that he close her down. These are the things that we release in sessions. The weakness in the one wrist was relevant to the pain in the hip. They were caused by her being shackled by one arm to a cold hard wall. Her energy bowed in relationship with the torture she endured in that life. When I helped her release it, she felt warmth in the side of the hip that she was sitting on in that life.

Anything that we are experiencing can be released. It is only a matter of delving deep enough and being receptive to receiving the truth. How deep are you willing to go? People who will think this is a ridiculous farce are not ready to face and release the past issue. It is fine, there are enough things in the world to distract and placate them. But some people are becoming really savvy at unlocking their inner turmoils simply to release them. The posts I share and the work I do is for them.

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