How and Why to Emote

Have you ever had someone talk to you or felt someones annoyance at you while driving? Did you start to feel bad? It can also happen when someone is telling you all the bad things that are happening in their life. They are  dumping energy on you they don’t want. For many, they don’t realize how habitually they do this so it starts happening spontaneously when people just are nearby them.

Try this while you are driving. When someone is annoying you in traffic, instead of sending anger back at them; emote noise. Like throaty little growl. What this does is dissipate the energy that they are trying to push on you. It is processed; gone!

After you realize this dynamic of feeling it and releasing it, you can do it under different circumstances. You can even learn to tune into people’s pain and dissipate it; like I do. It is a great way to reduce the dis-ease in ourselves, others and dynamics.

Let me hear you roar!

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