Horse Healing

I was commissioned to assist a horse farm in trouble. My client was the third generation owner of a farm that was struggling. She was getting creative in trying to help it thrive.

When I got to the land it “spoke” to me almost immediately. I perceived generations of dedicated hands working and dying interacting with the horses all of their days. It was a different mentality in the past. Horses may or may not have been respected. They were definitely treated as property and not living beings with feelings and preferences. I felt the land’s potential being clouded by the past.

I also sensed a stubborn farm hand who was hell-bent on resisting change. His energy was very present in the big barn. He most likely was ingrained there and was resistant to change as his way of helping the farm. The way it played out was that this woman’s relatives were resistant to her creative ideas and working against progress. It was affecting the horses as well.

I performed energetic releases on 17 horses. As I tuned into one and conveyed their angst and released their aches and pains, the next one wanted to be heard. I could not refuse any. I also performed a cleansing on the land itself.

Although none of those present at the farm were staunch believers in what I do, what I communicated as the core issues resonated as truth. They all felt the cloud lift as the “cleanse” was performed.

The horses responded immediately. There was now a lightness about them. There was an event scheduled the next weekend and it had a very successful turnout. The attendees even noticed a difference in the horses and a lighter “feel” to the property. In contemplation one night, the horses came to me to say thank you. There is a strong Love bond between us now.

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