Holding Space for Better

There is a natural ebb and flow to our lives. There are currents that we experience as individuals and there are currents that we experience together, as a group. Sometimes life flows well and it feels great. But then there are parts of the cycle that feel like nothing is happening. There are places of stillness. The human consciousness will create problems out of the stillness. It will name them restlessness, boredom or worse.

When those times of stillness come, don’t rush to identify them as negative. Be patient with the quiet periods. Allow them to be formless spaces of peace. Instead of filling them up with negative adjectives, allow them to stay open. This is how more Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom flows into our lives.
Many of us are in this place of stillness. Relax into it and allow it to expand into betterment for you and others. I will hold this space with you.

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