Jenuine Healing – You Are the Center of Your World

– 1. What is your purpose? You know of the greatness that walks within you, You have the willingness, strength,and the awareness to make a difference. You only need the tools, techniques and the confidence to step into this role.

– 2. Did you know that you are the only one holding you back from having that great life that you dream of? The Spiritual laws that run the Universe are as exacting as the law of gravity. One such Law is the Law of Abundance. It is everyone’s birthright to live in abundance with Joy and Ease. If that is not our reality, it is because of our personal belief system…and YOU are the only one to change that.

– 3. You are a Healer. Energy flows fluidly through your being and animates your physical body. When we are healthy the currents are flowing well. But when we over-think, and stress our body with physical and emotional toxins, we dam up our own currents of life force and it may manifest as dis-ease in the body.

– 4. You are the Center of your World. You are the magnificent sun of your your own cosmic Universe. Everything that comes into your sphere of influence is because you allowed it. The more attention you put on your own divine Loving nature and it’s benevolent influence, the more you will generate uplifting experiences in your life. You are a creator.

With love and respect,


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