Healing Through Self Awareness

In the movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know”, The scientists did an experiment with tap water.  They had different petrie dishes of water and they sent different thoughts to each one. Later when they looked at the different water molecules under a microscope, there was an incredible difference between the samples that were given loving messages,and those that were given a hateful one.

The molecules of the water that were given loving messages,  were beautifully formed crystals. By contrast a sample was programmed with a negative message. It was told, “I hate you, I want to kill you!”. In the microscopic view of that sample, there was no discernible formation.  It was a muddy, formless, nothing.

When I saw this, I cried.  It touched me at such a deep level.  It made me realize that we are all creating and affecting everything around us at such a deep level. Our attitude and thoughts are somehow little beacons that are either encouraging or wilting everything in our Universe.

I cried in compassion for all the times, in my anger, how I may have thwarted the creation of beautiful crystal forms in everything around me.  For a few weeks after the movie, I gave loving thoughts to molecules in all objects. I would see them as collective little Souls that needed to be encouraged.

I had an experience with a client that reminded me of the water experiment. He had a numb area in his leg, as I worked on it in his session, he fell asleep. When he awoke, he described what he experienced. He saw little faces in square windows. Most of them were asleep. But when he was looking at them, they started to wake up, and one of them perked up and looked right back at him.

He said they were the cells in his leg. He was brought to tears at the sweetness of the little faces and how they perked up from his attention. He displayed a love for the faces that was very sacred to observe.  In that moment, he was actually waking up to Loving himself;  by loving the  individual cells of his own body. He was experiencing his own consciousness.  It was a moment  that has helped me in how I  assist others.

I thought of all the ramifications.  How often do we yell at our children and loved ones?  How often do we say negative things to them and to ourselves?  Are we making them sick?  Are we making ourselves sick? Are there faces in all our cells looking up at us for love and attention?  How easy would it be to give it to them? Are they all coexisting or are they being sent different messages?

I believe this technique is a powerful form of self healing:  Visualize all the cells in your body as a metropolis.  The cells of the nerves and veins could be the transit system. The brain and heart could be different city centers etc.  See the cells of each area as the little faces looking out of little windows. See them awake, attentive and happy.  If you get a sense that any of them in any area are asleep, then lovingly wake them up. And if you have a dis-ease in a particular part of the body, spend extra time nurturing those little faces.

Also when you are trying to lose weight, just give extra love to the muscle cells.  You don’t need to berate yourself anymore.  Just put all the attention on loving the muscle cells while totally ignoring the fat cells. It may help you feel proactive on a cellular level, without the need to berate yourself.

I hope this fun technique helps you as much as it helps me.

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