Healing Technique for the Planet

In the book The True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto, there are many photographs of the crystals of water when it is programmed with an uplifting word. There are photos of crystals in tap water from different cities and the photos showed murkiness and no form until they are programmed with an uplifting word like gratitude. The water that has a positive word written on its container vibrates like a beautiful jewel.

A great personal technique to uplift one’s own consciousness is to write a positive word on your drinking container to program it to formulate uplifting crystals. You will be changing your water at the molecular level and by drinking it, empower your own self.

Taking this technique a little further, a good technique would be to program your bath water with a particular intention. When taking a bath, visualize all your love, gratitude and positive intentions into the water. Visualize sending it back out into the world as a loving force to uplift all the other water it comes into contact with.

Send Love to every ocean, lake, river and stream. There is no ceiling on how great you can make your love. Expand your vantage point from out into space and infuse all the water on the planet with Luminescent Love. See it vibrate at such a high frequency that Angels can taste its purity.

Your pure intention can and does uplift all of humanity. Know that all humanity is drinking in your love.

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