Healing isn’t a Secret Any More



Just MY Fitness, Inc hosted a Healing Demonstration on Thursday May 4, conducted by Jen Ward. From my interaction with her one day a few weeks ago, having only met her in passing at our center, she asked if I would consider being one of the people she could work on…and…that she could heal the issues with my ovaries and intestine (longstanding emotional pain was the factor she said). First of all….no one outside my very close circle of friends knows of my medical history. And they do NOT know Jen. So….hmmmm! Yes, my abdomen issues continue to worsen over the years and have gotten so uncomfortable that I refrain from going out, prefer not to dine out anywhere as my tummy always feel full and I get so bloated even from drinking water! I am often so fatigued I need a midday nap before revving up for evening sessions. This is NOT how Kathy McClare used to LIVE life. Numerous medical tests over the years would conclude numerous things, but to no avail. The problem would not resolve. To have her immediately address this upon our first meeting…I was certainly in agreement with her request to be worked on. Wow!

Nervous anticipation when she asked me to come forward to lay upon the massage table. From there, my nerves floated away. She laid her hands on my abdomen, then around my waist, deep in my lower back, and all the trigger spots that I knew myself. In doing so, to my (initially concerned) amazement, she uncovered root pain, soulful pain, sorrow that I carry as an abused a child and young adult, losses of self and relationships as a result. Feelings of desertion, having no voice, abandonment. She sang words that resonated to my soul. She tapped my head and my heart, asking me to repeat such phrases aloud. Each one conjured up a mix of sorrow and relief, to be able to reconnect with that sorrow and to let it go. What a combination of actions. My tears flowed but I wasn’t embarrassed to cry. I often hold back tears. I can’t even seem to cry when I’m alone. The sounds she made, the gasps and cries of pain…each one ‘hit’ me, because I knew them. It is the best way I can describe it. My abdomen continues to feel better, the bloating has dissipated. I am calmer. I continue to use the tapping method. True Healing happened and will continue.

Collectively, Jen worked with the group as well. Her directive was to bring peace, love, remove holds and limitations, in all our moments. Every one who attended had a chance to connect with Jen, and to share with her if they so chose.

To say Jen Ward is remarkable, incredible…barely describes her! We will most definitely host more Healing Demonstrations by Jen at Just MY Fitness, Inc. Below is information on her retreat weekend at Woodcliff Hotel and Spa. I will share links to her blog in a different post.

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Michele Morrison
May 10, 2017 at 8:46 pm

So fabulous! A perfect description of Jen at work!

May 10, 2017 at 10:12 pm

Thank you. <3

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