Healing Female Energy

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Recently I allowed one of my clients to come to my home and worked with her in person. She is a dynamic advocate for woman and operates with strong male energy. She has made it her purpose to empower female energy in all her friends. She is steadfast in dealing with all their imposed or self-inflicted imitations and works tirelessly at being an example of empowered female energy.

In her sessions, we took her to a time when female energy was revered as much as male energy. There were temples to groom the most gifted priestesses. They would be mated to the most powerful kings and would rule together. He using his single pointed directness as the kingdoms protector and she using her expansive awareness to keep an overview of the kingdom and all their subtle needs.

Barbarian kings who were jealous of the power that these elite kingdoms held, realized that they could use brute strength to break these noble allegiances by destroying the temples where the woman were taught their skills. They bastardized the temples, raped and stole the women to perform their magic for them. The women were made mothers to these barbarian kings children and it was demanded that they perform their magic. The woman tried to pass their arts down to their children but the customs were diluted until only the dance remained. The arousal was the king’s belief that their women were doing their magic It is all they understood. If the men were aroused they believed they had access to the priestesses gifts. Many exotic dancers are trying to reclaim their insights through the dance and touching upon these past life experiences.

In a past life, my client was a man and she was tricked in helping the barbarian kings raid a sacred temple. He (she) immediately regretted it and was horrified with what transpired. She spent her lifetimes trying to rectify this transgression. In her present life session with me, we combed many of her issues and guilt pertaining to female energy.

During her session, the phone rang.

I don’t usually answer calls when I am with someone but this time I was compelled to. I had the speaker turned on my phone so she was able to hear the call. It was a man who was following up about an order I placed. I could tell how wounded and in pain this ind man was. When I hung up I asked her what she heard in his voice. She was crying and did not know why.

What she realized in that moment, that it was not only woman who suffered from the imbalance in male and female energy. It was men who suffered too. Her issue was not with only making amends to female energy. It was making amends to humanity. She realized that the plight of woman is the plight that happens within all; not just those who happen to be incarnated as women. As women are empowered and embraced as enthusiastically and confidently as men in society, it heals all of humanity and elevates us all.

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Shelley Wilson
May 6, 2017 at 4:22 pm

I Enjoy reading this Artical jen, It is this very kind of incite ,that Allows us All to experience what it is to to see underneath, and Beyond the confines of time as You do. knowing you reveal the truth…not hide it or twist it. unwind’s the minds Opinion on things. because the Mind doesn’t have the Full knowledge.. too have FELT another, while on group calls with you, and that was just All of us at that time on the phone..connected & lifted after the Initial release, actually we were on Blogtalk Radio…I heard a baby cry in the back ground of one of the Caller’s . I started to cry.. I asked you why would I cry just over hearing a sweet baby cry, You told my exactly why Personally did cry was said ‘because maybe you realize the love that i over looked and… don’t remember the rest..But it was TRUE !.. as I had not raised my grown Son.. And I could FEEL the baby’s need… in that cry (while with you).. And I could also RELEASE the Pain of my own buried pain out from MY Heart Chakra ..Immediately.. yes there were Images floating along with it , I could see his ( my Son’s Eyes) Feel the Loss.for a moment or two .And Feel it LEAVE me too. I was raw and exahausted bet felt clean..Light and Looked different the next day in the mirror Thanked you so deeply for that Gone from me Jen. To this day I dont feel “that particular ” hurt any more even when i look at his picture’s. i really couldn’t live w/that. i hope this is the response type That is right because this is My response to this. Thank you Have A Lovely day.

May 6, 2017 at 9:19 pm

Yes. I remember that pain and I am happy to help others rid themselves of such anguish.

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