Healing as the Mainstay of Life


We have outlawed the concept of healers out of fear that people will make false claims and fool others. It is illegal to call one’s self a healer. But what we have done is demonized healing. That has left us at the mercy of limited options.

In the story of Santa Claus is coming to town, the Burgermeister Meisterburger outlawed toys. The remedy in the story was for EVERYONE to have toys so that no one would stand out as the outlaw. That is the remedy to bring back healing as a natural way of life; to counter all the disease. Everyone must agree again to healing.

Everyone is a natural healer. They innately know what is better for themselves and others. We all heal everyone every day with our kind, words of encouragement, suggestions for remedy and our dynamic assistance in shifting of energy. It is only in degree.

So lets all reclaim the belief in healing because healing is contingent on one’s belief system. Belief is opening one’s energy to agree to a shift. When we don’t believe, then we stay closed to all except the most obtuse solutions; cutting open our bodies, poisoning our own bodies, or agreeing to be terminal. Is the concept of healing more ridiculous than agreeing to be terminal?

Choose healing because it is the natural order of life. Hope, wonder and empowerment thrive in healing. It is a continuation of the miracle of life. We know that two single cells create a person. How can anything of healing be more miraculous than that?

Healing is the mainstay of existence. we are healing personified. We are energy and healing is simply intentionally moving energy. To accept a static state is to deny life and yes, is a form of being terminal.

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