Healing a Frog Pond

A woman who had many problems was talking about her frog pond. It was a beautiful sanctuary she created in her back yard. But she talked about it as a problem. She explained how she detested Blue Herons because they would fly over her house and eat the frogs in her pond.

“Well”, I asked her, “Did you communicate to the herons that they are not food but beloved part of your family”.

She thought I was silly. I thought her complaining was silly.

So we had this amusing exchange where I told her to tune into the heron in her mind and ask them to stop eating her beloved frogs. The conversation was equally amusing to her as I gently explained that she was creating a large part of her health issues by talking about them. She was embedding them into herself by telling everyone her issues. They were too real for her. They needed validation. She needed validation. I refused to validate her illness but was happy to help with the other situation.

“If you are not going to help yourself, do you want me to tell the herons not to eat your frogs?”

She patronized me and invited me to talk away at the birds. I didn’t see her for a long stretch. But she surfaced after taking some more medical tests. They were more intrusive and more costly than ever. She went on and on with just an off-handed mention of the frog pond dilemma.

After our exchange, the birds never bothered her frogs again. her little sanctuary was kept fully intact. Too bad she didn’t pay attention to the ramifications. Maybe if she would have communicated with her body instead of complaining about it, it would respond differently as well. After all, everything responds to Love.

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