Healing 2.0 – The Reason is Love

What we have been told about healing is no longer true in the fifth dimension. We have been taught to fear the taking on of other’s karma. This is a fear at the third dimension but not the fifth. At the fifth dimension, the Law of Love prevails, and the Law of Love supersedes all other spiritual laws.

We have been told as a rule of detachment, not to help other souls. That to do so is a violation of their psychic space. If someone doesn’t ask, it isn’t allowed. But souls everywhere are crying out to be freed from their suffering. They don’t have to ask with their physical voice. So many people who find their way to me have prayed to God for help. I understand why I help them now. They are asking in energy what they can’t fathom physically. So if you are waiting for them to ask in verbally heard words, you will wait forever, and no assistance will be given.

I hear the plight of people imprisoned all over the world. They are still suffering in dark pockets of control in crevices of power.

I hear the prayers of hungry children going to bed at night with empty stomachs praying for more for their family.

There are so many out there with hopes and dreams, starving to be empowered to share their natural gifts. Most people in their cries for help want to do right by their families and prove their worth.

I feel the plight and fear of shivering half-starved animals forced to fight and suffer against their nature for man’s greed.

I feel the goodness of God-loving people being manipulated to take arms up against a cause to perpetuate the greed of those who bask in bilking others.

I see billionaires who have converted all their humanity to dollars and so get no fulfillment out of life except to manipulate the course of events from love to power.

I see whole families and huge factions of peace-loving people thriving on nothing and never having it occur to them that there is more to life than what they have.

I see people working against the grain of life and not able to embrace their own beauty because the tone of their flesh does not serve as an advantage.

I see people stuffing themselves with experiences as a distraction from the pain and then admonishing themselves for doing so. They have forgotten their suffering and are numb in their self-loathing.

I know the wisdom of the trees and how the places that have few of them are driven to insanity for the lack of their balance and nurturing.

I hear the cries of raped and tortured children who were stolen from their innocence and sold into a life of debauchery.

I see loving and aware people getting a sense of all these plights, also, and not knowing how to help. The group sessions that I facilitate and the taps that I post are meant to address all these souls that don’t have media attention to assist them.

All of these are old engrams of the third dimension that need to be released for all to have empowerment in the fifth dimension. We are no longer isolated in our situations. We are feeling the angst of all souls when we can get past our own. Those who attend the group calls are grateful to use their skill-sets to assist those all over the world.

For myself, I have never said follow me, believe in me, or my way is the only one. There is a reason that I am in a female body. Male energy left unchecked has bastardized humanity. It has made us all so numb in apathy that we are terrified of being duped yet again. It is time for female energy to put it in check. Everything anyone believes about healing or spirituality must be challenged because it was received from a male-slanted world.

We were never wrong to care about others. That desire to help others is ingrained deeper than our primal will to survive because it is part of our soul’s natural makeup. Everything that isn’t love has been exploited in us. That is why it is so difficult to believe once again. But that is why it is so important to love; it is to connect with our true essence and gain empowerment.

We are not meant to allow others to suffer. They are an extension of our own soul. World peace is not a form of communism. It is a thriving existence brimming with the joy of all living their purpose. Power is no longer in group dynamics. Empowerment is being redistributed to the individual. It is up to each to look up from their personal purgatory and realize their own worth. They must heal their fragmented personal energy cell, seal the cracked walls and command their empowerment back. I assist people in doing this; beyond all the reason of their limited self. We do this in the group sessions (via conference calls), and by doing the taps that the group sessions produce.

Humanity does not have to be a demonstrative thing. Humanity everywhere can be served in the quietude of your own fortress, in doing the taps I post or better yet, attending the group sessions. It is complete resolve to know that one is assisting souls everywhere with their intention and gifts. When I am not feeling the call of humanity or what needs to release in others, I am filled with such contentment and gratitude. May all know this fortunate state in their service as well.

Please, if you have felt any of what I am conveying here, please add your voice to reason. If you have experienced the benefit of the taps for yourself or others, please share and add your voice. The reason is love, and the purpose is to bring all the world to the same conclusion. It is not to bring them to their knees. It is to bring them to love.

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