Gypsy Freedom

I facilitated a couple of back to back sessions with a woman who is in the middle of a huge move. Although there were some aspects of the move that weren’t desirable, she was allowing it to devastate her. She seemed pretty wilted.

In the first session, I saw many past lives where she was pushed off the land by war. She was a refugee. This was the cause of the feelings of devastation she was feeling in this life. But digging a little deeper, I found some experiences that contradicted that fear of being displaced from her home.

She also had lifetimes of being a gypsy. They were very free and happy lifetimes. When I mentioned them, they resonated with the woman. We released a lot of the angst that was caused by being uprooted by war. We uncovered the joy she had experienced in the past so that she could feel it in this lifetime. She was much more excited about the present move after her session.

In her next session, I picked up that she was having difficulty packing.. She was way too attached to possessions. In her session, the gypsy life came up again. In that lifetime, things made her feel powerful. She had a ruby ring that was her most prized possession and she would manipulate and scheme to get more possessions. She then told me she that she had a ruby ring in this lifetime and was devastated when it lost its stone.

We released her attachment to possessions and I helped her see that the love of material things did not bring her closer to the people that they represented but actually got in the way of the love. She had an “aha” moment. After her session, she was able to go back and lighten her load before the move.

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