God With Us

You don’t have to send Love to others. All you have to do is immerse yourself in Love and envision all others with you. That is how we are all connected. It isn’t about diminishing your energy by sending it out of yourself. You concentrate it by standing in a pool of it.

This works with other concepts of God as well. You don’t connect with God by sending energy out of yourself and hoping it will connect. Stand in your center and know that is where God is. That has been the big lie: that you have to do something, be something, or strive for something to be immersed in God.

It is the opposite. You must stand totally in your center, confident and aware to receive God. Realize that you are already immersed in God. It is the last place people have looked. The only thing that separates us from God is the belief that we need to find it somewhere other than inside us.

It is the same principle as looking for your glasses all over the place and realizing that they were on your head the whole time. Enlightenment is that ah-ha moment of realizing where God really is; contained within your very atoms.

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