Fore Giving

You know what a loving compassionate person that you are. Being kind and generous comes with the risk of being taken for granted or even being taken advantage of. But for you, that is the risk that you take because living any other way feels wrong, maybe even immoral.

That person who has hurt you doesn’t deserve your sympathy in their present state. You give all the time. You don’t want to give to them now. No one expects you to. But somewhere down the road in their evolution they are going to understand the horrific thing that they have done to you. They are going to be devastated by it. They are going to ask for your absolution; and you, being the gracious person that you are, will give it to them.

THAT is what forgiving is; giving absolution before the person has realized its importance. Forgiveness is looking down the road when the person that hurts you asks to be relieved of their own burden, and you granting it. This frees you as well.

This frees you by not waiting around for them to be ready to understand what they have done. Doing that only feels like being at their mercy all over again. It is more empowering to jump ahead on the time track. The future is where you are completely healed and whole. Bringing the experience of absolution into the present moment is the purpose of forgiving (fore giving). This understanding of the process may make it more palatable to accept.

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