Food Issues

A regular client of mine brought her preschooler to have a session with me. It is so sweet to adapt the work to an age appropriate level. The girl would not eat. She was very fussy and random what she would and would not eat.

Throughout history, there was no such thing as forensic science. So a very convenient way to eliminate someone was by poisoning them. I led the little girl through the EFT tap:

I release being poisoned.

It seemed to help. The eating issues resolved themselves.

This experience made me wonder if some eating disorders are a result of a similar issue in the past. I know part of the compulsion for people to will themselves to throw up is that they are so congested with stagnant energy that they are trying to remove the pain by convulsing it out. Some clients have had the experience of seeing themselves throwing up a stream of black sludge. Maybe some bulimics are stuck in the trauma of being poisoned in a past.

Some of the issues that people are having may be better addressed by having them look at their past and tune into a deeper cause instead of all labeling them under one heading; such as: food issues.

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