Follow up with Skye Daniels

After Skye’s session, I was checking in to see how she was doing. More taps came up. Here is how it went. If you want to tap into the incredible intensity of our exchange, do these taps.

Say each statement out loud three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.

Jen: Do this tap, I release being a mercenary, in all lifetimes.

Skye Damn. That was intense. I had no idea to do one like that. It feels like there’s more in that arena…

Jen: Oh….I release the need to make amends, in all lifetimes.

Skye: Oh! My! God!! Yes! I was given a belief by my most formative Bodywork teacher that everyone we work on is someone we owe from a past life. I’ve told that story dozens of times & totally owned it!


Jen: I release all absolute truths that I have adopted from others in all lifetimes.

Skye: *deep breath* Yes! What would it be to be in service to humanity as a free will choice, not because I owe them? An inquiry worth living into!!!

Jen: Yes. I release my debt to society, in all lifetimes. (You paid it off today!)

Skye: I am sitting on my front porch howling in laughter!!!! Good thing no neighbors are out! Can’t stop laughing!
OMG So funny what we bind ourselves to. And so sweetly at that. Hilarious!!

So funny what we bind ourselves to. And so sweetly at that. Hilarious!!

Jen: Yes.Try this. I transcend being human, in all lifetimes.

Skye: Whew. Went from hysterical laughter to uber-calm. And my head feels like a vortex. Not in a bad way. Just huge.  And different.

Jen: Good! I release the disconnect between me the vortex and my human counterpart, in all lifetimes.

Skye: Oh. Wow. That’s different.

Jen: I shift my vantage point from the human to the vortex, in all lifetimes.

Skye: Yeah. Right before you sent that I had the sensation of looking out from my human eyes (as opposed to just being me). I like this. I hope I can maintain the perspective!

Jen: I release the fear of being locked into the human cage, in all lifetimes.

Skye: Oh Jen!! Thank you! Decades ago I remembered when I first agreed to come into the physical universe on a data gathering mission for my pod. The sensation of spacetime, the pull of it so strongly, made me go NOOOO! as I was entering. I’m going to do that same tap but with being locked into spacetime. Just a sec.

Jen: I release the trauma of suffocating in course matter, in all lifetimes.

Skye: Wow.

Jen: I forgo the confinement of existing in a carbon based coffin, in all lifetimes.

Jen: I reawaken the memories of my original home, in all lifetimes.

Skye: The most amazing cleansing wind just started! God. Thank you.

Jen: Yes I heard it inwardly.

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