Feral Kittens

A woman contacted me who had a litter of feral kittens. She was trying to love them but they would not come near her. There were two that were close to being coaxed into being tame. But they still had a long way to go. 

I tuned into the kittens. It seemed like they were wild all their past lives and this was their first experience with being domesticated. They wanted to have that experience but they just didn’t understand it. I shared information with them and taught them the energy of being tamed. As I tuned in, I realized that they were much more vulnerable than domesticated cats.

The woman contacted me a week later. Almost immediately after the phone session, the kittens did an about-face. It took them just over night to become total lap cats. In fact, the two that were most feral now were the most demonstrative and would relentlessly follow her around the house.

I would LOVE to teach this technique to others so more feral cats could experience human Love.


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