The opposite of Love is fear. The opposite of fear is Love. If you don’t think so, try an experiment. Use Love to face a fear.

I taught myself this technique to overcome a deathly fear of spiders when I was younger. I remember once there was a spider crawling around on my ceiling. I was terrified. So instead of killing it, as would be acceptable to many, I named him. I named him Black Bart. He was a wise old soul. I talked to him in my mind: I asked him to go away. He listened.

He asked me, “Why?”

“Because I am afraid of you,” I said.

He answered, “If you are afraid of me, then why are you talking to me?”

He had a point. The communication created a connection that surprised me and dissipated the fear. He did as I asked and disappeared. I didn’t have to see him again. I was a little bit disappointed.

Fear has been used as a form of control throughout time. With advancements in multimedia technology, it has reached heightened and even epidemic proportions. To be effective, fear mongers have upped the ante on what is at stake. In the past, when we were more naive, we could be threatened with losing our place in society, our self respect, our moral standing in society. As society has evolved we have learned that these are more internal qualities. We can only lose our moral standing and dignity if we believe we can. Although these were very effective forms of control a few years ago, now we are faced with bigger, more immediate fears. We are faced with fear of losing our livelihood, our great standing in the world and homeland security.

In fact the more aware we are as a nation, the bigger and more immediate the fears need to be to keep us corralled and in line. Global threats of terrorism, economy, pollution, and global warming can lead otherwise sensible people into such panic that good judgment is overridden.

The truth is, there will always be the use of fear to contain the masses. It is an effective tool. But it is up to the individual to maintain their objectivity to fear.

Fear wins when we believe that Man is bigger than the Universal Force that overrides our ignorance.

Fear wins when it perpetuates more fear with catastrophic retaliations to groups and individuals with fear, as its rationalization.  Subjugation of man in any form is based on a fear.

Fear wins when we erode humanity and feel justified in doing so.

Fear wins when we hold a demographic responsible for the acts of a few.

Fear wins if a group imposes power over another group using fear as a rationale.

Fear wins if innocence is lost.

Fear wins if we come out of our center and forget that we are in control of what we create for ourselves, no matter what the evidence of the contrary is.

Man’s spiritual purpose is to break away from the crowd and realize his dynamic purpose to assist others in everything that he does. He cannot do this if he is afraid.

A cure for fear is Love. A means to more Love is gratitude. It may seem simplistic but it is not easy to hold gratitude all day long. It takes discipline. It takes no discipline to fall into fear and create mind traps for yourself and others. Be the Leader. Be the warrior. Be the innovator. Not by creating great committees in how to diminish the rights of others. Be a great leader by showing those around you how to stay in their own center with calm, peace, serenity, compassion and Love. In doing so you will also enjoy the byproduct of your efforts; which is humility. Please try it. Others need you right now.