Fear of Commitment

I tuned in to someone who had an aversion to getting married. After this experience, it is quite obvious to me why so many people meet it with dread.

In a past life this person was marrying a prince. This person was chosen because they were beautiful. It was less about love than about responsibility. The pressure was overwhelming. Until then, in that lifetime, the person had less status so lived with more freedom.

There were now all kinds of body guards tending the betrothed. In that culture, the body guards were more like spies and a death squad. The pressure to learn the ways of the royal family and the threat of death if they did not perform were beyond stressful. They lived as a prisoner.

Four years later, it was discovered that they had taken a lover. They and their Love were executed.

After being privy to this experience, it occurred to me why so many people are afraid to get married. Ceremonies for the commoner are a relatively new cultural phenomenon. People want to have a big wedding because in the past only the most influential people had such celebrations. And some have such an aversion to being married because they unconsciously recall a trauma surrounding such responsibility from a past life.

This may be why two people who agree on so much, may be at cross purposes about marriage. Because we all bring our own experiences to the table.


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