Everyone Stands on their Own Merits

It is naïve to think that everyone who belongs to a group reflects that group’s core intention. Some people hide behind the merits of their faith as if they embody that faith. They may be pious and unwavering as if they established their group’s core beliefs with their own sacrifice and service.

They show up with a plate to pass or volunteer for a few meetings and equate this with deep service. They become complacent in their standing and use it as a shelter from the winds of change. They may be able to quote sacred text, but they use it more to booster their own sense of self instead of as a key to open the hearts of others.

They shut doors and say things like:

“You don’t belong!”
“You are not as special as us!”
“We can give you a crumb of our goodness but you must earn your place amongst us; you must put in your time.”
“God Loves us best!”
“If you don’t believe like we do then God doesn’t like you”

Faith has been reduced to a high school locker room after the big game.

The creators of any group or sect are outcasts who do not fit into a particular mold. Any group that they have formed, most likely has morphed so they would not be welcome into it in its present state. These seekers of truth take direction from an inner source that some can not perceive. They did not do what was easy or acceptable by their present standards. They were compelled by something greater than the group mentality.

All the scriptures, all the holy writings of any truth, tried to encourage the seeker to step out away from the group. Each gives a blueprint on how to do this. But the passion for the journey has to be there. If anyone ever tries to tell you what to believe or what to do; make certain that they have passion for truth more than for the group consciousness. See what their motivation is. If it is to share truth or to strengthen the group.

Many groups are wonderful tools and give a great sense of community. The danger of partaking in them is giving your passion over to them and becoming complacent. Belonging to any group can give a respite from the real work that is always done one on one in the inner channels. We all have to eventually learn the spiritual lessons ourselves. We all stand on our own merits at the gates of truth. We choose the course and journey. We are empowered as individuals for the task at hand. May the groups that we share support our efforts to enter into the heart of Love. And may we make the path easier for those who choose to follow our course.

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