Every time we…

Every time we …

Truly listen to another person,
Listen to that inner voice of our internal adviser,
Turn off the TV,
Play ball with our child,
Take that extra walk with our pet,
Forgo the gossip,
Take in nature,
Pay attention to our dreams,
Listen with our hearts,
Forgo Judgment,
Appreciate Beauty,
Let someone ahead of us,
See the good in others,
Lead the way,
Graciously follow,
See the good in the world,
Take notice,
Show appreciation,
Hold our tongue,
Do without being asked,
Allow someone else to shine,
Put our egos in check,
Take the higher ground,
Give a hand up,
Administer tough love,
Allow someone their freedom of choice,
Say a silent thank you,
Give a gift from the heart,
Treat others as equals,
Heck, see the greatness in others,
Demonstrate the greatness in ourselves,
Validate another,
Acknowledge the world as a whole,
Put a mute button on the trash talk,
Speak to angels,
Pay our way,
Adopt a pet,
Hug someone in pain,
Heal a wound,
Capture a moment,
Cheer someone on,
Live our purpose,
Manifest a reality,
Create an option,
Exude confidence,
Accept a compliment,
Connect from the heart….

We are uplifting consciousness and connecting with the heart of all!

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