Energy Bodies

Your energy field is made of several different components.  There is the physical component (which is still energy) and there is an emotional component, past life make up and even a mental aspect of yourself. All these things are contained in your energy field. You are much more than your body. When there is a weakness in the physical body, it is most likely a manifestation of a weakness in one of the other bodies. If the weakness is addressed in the more subtle energy body, than healing can pass through to the physical body as well.

These different energy bodies are what some people like myself are able to read. There is nothing extra-ordinary that a psychic does that anyone else cannot learn to do. They are just reading the emotional or astral body of the energy field.

The deeper the energy worker can read, the deeper the healing can be for the physical body. A mental dis-ease may manifest as an imbalance that is called “mentally ill” in various degrees. But if the root cause is found, it can align the mental aspect of the energy system of the body with the rest of the aspects of the energy system and well-being can prevail.

When a mental disorder is manifesting, the individual’s mental aspect of their energy is out of alignment and it is not being “checked” by the emotional aspects of the individual and other aspects as well. The mental body has partially disengaged and has started functioning separately from the physical, emotional and causal aspect of the person.

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