Emptying the Cart

A Friend who does all the taps that I share, did taps that were listed in the post called “Changing Your Filter” and then went to sleep. She had a dream experience which she credited to doing the taps.

She was at the local grocery store and was pushing two full carts of items. It was very difficult and she was struggling. A manager of the store saw her struggling and very kindly helped her sort out the carts. He took out all the items that were of no use to her. He took away so much that she only needed one cart. He took the second cart away from her and it was really easy for her to maneuver through the store after that.

She understood that the manager of the store was her spirit guide. The two carts symbolized her needlessly carrying around issues that she did not need to be burdened with. Her cart being streamlined was her being able to maneuver more easily in her spiritual journey. She felt lighter and happier when she awoke.

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