Emotional Hoarders

A session with me is like an energetic version of the television show Hoarders. People stock pile all these emotional issues that stuff their consciousness to the roof. I come with the dump trucks and remove all the unnecessary junk. Sometimes people will struggle with what they are willing to let go of. I say…put that one eared stuff bunny with no eyes into the trash!

Two other analogies: Like on the show, people can decide whether to fill up their house again or keep it free and spacious. And after you empty the stash you see how much structural damage is done. Our emotional hoard is what does structural damage to our bodies.

One Comment on “Emotional Hoarders

June 20, 2016 at 4:22 pm

This is so incredibly true…Thank you Jen Ward for bringing The subtle tools to the table to work on issues stuck in the Subtle Bodies. Whats so Strange is how the “Secret” societies who already know of all this, And have BEEN working in the Subtle Realms on them selves and others and don’t wan’t to share these Powerful tools with the public.Knowing how Fast And CERTAIN the changes would be if each Soul was Empowerd individually with these same tool’s. Clearly the Hard won states of consciousness and aquired Positions is Part of this mental Cutter with-in the Mental realms. I know because as I did the work, it all naturally fell away from me too. It was so worth it. I can see MUCH more now.BY MYSELF. I too used to belong in the mystery schools. I have Learned that After school the path Becomes so Subtle that the bodies must be Purged of the Old Paradigms as well. And the Physical havoc on the bodies that don’t up grade to the known Harmonic influx …well..There you have it. The Imbuing Love, shifting paradigms and becoming a student is and the long list that is the Filling up of this “Space” is all worked into the Protocols. There is nothing less or to much the growth is gradual like any thing else. We are Healed by Harmonics We ALL need to Get our Frequencies To a high place to be able to be Reached, and to Soar. Satisfaction is promised in the books Iv’e read. I know that The Satisfaction lies in knowing these tools, and watching my self Expound in to My Full Knowing, Seeing , And takes some getting used to Yet So Beautiful is all this knowing. The low frequencies allow for dis=ease to set in. All that is Not divine Love Needs to be Released. It’s ok to. Share the Love and the Power of Love, there is enough to go around.

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