Emergency Help

A friend contacted me late one night. He was very healthy and  balanced so for him to reach out was something out of the ordinary.  I believe that his guides told him to contact me.

He was feeling really bad. He had a headache and worse. I was attuned to what he was feeling. I started perspiring profusely and felt the extreme headache. It got so bad as I talked to him that I fell to the floor and was writhing in nausea and soaked in sweat.  I felt what he was going through passing up and out of me (like taking off a shirt). It was moving out.

But then I  got a message from within that said NOT to take it all away. It told me he needed part of the experience to learn a karmic lesson. I am not sure if this was my spirit guide or his. I stopped myself from pulling it all through me and disconnected. I told him to get himself to the hospital.

He had a stroke while he was talking with me. He was very lucky, they said.  It left him with the very slightest of lisps.  I don’t even know if he realized how much I helped him. He overcame the lisp on his own.

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