EFT Taps as Sensitivity Training

I have a dear friend who has done all the taps that I have shared. She is such a different person because of them. Today I was shown just how different. We had a long conversation today and she brought up how she just watched Driving Miss Daisy three times. It had touched her at such a very deep level she wanted to tell me all about it.

Since it’s an old movie I had just assumed that she had seen it before. I didn’t even remember a lot of it. But my friend was so moved by it that she wanted to relive much of it with me. I asked her if she had seen it when it first came out. She had not. She had no interest then. The fact that she was now so touched by it was an interesting contrast .

She told me that there was another movie that she recently watched that she had never had any desire to watch before. She watched Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner and was very touched by it as well. She explained that she tried to watch it before but could not bring herself to. Now she is absorbing the sweet dynamics that these movies depict with a sensitive heart that is often moved to tears. She has always been a loving person, but this sensitivity is new.

She attributes the sensitivity to doing the taps. I am so excited for her new-found appreciation for such movies. I am certain that this sensitivity is showing up in her world in multiple ways as well. It is exciting to think that this is happening to others who are doing the taps. How awesome and exciting life is!

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