Don’t be a “Has Been”

In my private sessions, at the end of the hour the client sometimes feels better than they may have felt in many lifetimes. The frustrating side effects of this is that the first thing out of their mouth is usually, “This is wonderful! I have been….” It is habit and they don’t realize what they are doing but they are unconsciously pulling back all that we just cleared; with the words, I have been.

Many of you have been interrupted by me in our exchanges. It may have registered as rude but that was not my intention. I never listen to anyone tell me what they have been because they are bringing in all their problems, all their dis-ease, and a lot of stagnant energy into the sacred moment of now. A couple of you do this in Instant messaged. I am writing and sending out good vibe and will be interrupted; with no advance warning; to “I have been…” It is just poured right into my moment as subtle as if a landfill truck just backed up to my lap and poured it’s content. (If you are feeling bad now, it wasn’t you).

When I am with someone, it is a sacred exchange for me. I have been helping so many people release that it seems that it happens spontaneously when others connect with me. Why would I allow anyone to contaminate a sacred alter with their problems. Why do you?

Think about the words that we use. The word “I” is a declaration of the divine. You are declaring yourself conscious and present in the moment. The word “have” is a word of abundance. It is linking the whole of the abundance with the declaration of you as the divine. The next word is very important. It defines the parameters of the abundance. “I have Joy”. “I have abundance”. “I have Freedom”.

But the next word people many people use taints the words, “I have”. It is the word “been”. The word “been” is a tug boat pulling all the struggle and pain that we have conquered and overcome to get to this glorious moment of now; and dumps it right onto the altar of the present. “Been” has just desecrated the moment. It is a net collecting all our experiences and dragging them along into whatever joy that could ever be had. People wonder why they can’t be happy and they don’t understand when I tell them to let go of the net.

Think about the many times people use this word. Is it ever good when they say. “I have been…”? You know how you can tell if this is something that you do; maybe unconsciously? If you are arguing in your mind about this statement, most likely you are someone who does this. Or you may be someone who allows this to be done to you. Think about a time when you were having a great day and someone connects with you and starts with the “have been”; and the joy of the moment wanes. They have just tainted your sacred moment.

Do yourself and those around you a favor. When they start to tell you how they have been; cut them off and ask them, “How are you right now” Try to bring them into an understanding of now. Either they will get an understanding of it or leave you alone in the future because they didn’t get what they wanted out the exchange. This is a small price for you to pay to honor the “I” within you.

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