Dodging a Bullet

A good friend called me from the emergency room. She had just driven her husband there. He had a bad headache and some confusion. He was a very fit so it was an alarming predicament. I asked her if she wanted me to do a “release” (what I call my energy modality. It refers to releasing stagnant energy in the person’s personal space) She welcomed it. I did a long distance release for the husband right then.

I didn’t hear from her until the next day. She sent me an e-mail saying that the doctors were perplexed. They said that he must be a very strong,, healthy person because someone else coming in with those same symptoms would be in a coma now. They ran some tests and found album from the blood in his spinal fluid which meant that he had an aneurysm. But there was no outer evidence of it other than this.

They admitted the husband for a week of tests and observation. He went home with no other effects.

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