Do Animals Have Feelings?

Do animals have emotions? A lot of people believe not. But anyone who has loved a pet as a dear family member will argue the point. Some doctrines teach that animals aren’t human so they don’t have a soul. Some teach that animals don’t go to heaven. It is easier to accept this belief because the alternative – knowing that such loving compassionate beings are aware and insightful are mistreated – is unbearable to the human mind.

Red - A golden retriever in Muncie, IN


Imagine a little boy dumped out on the street to survive for himself. Imagine he has not developed the skills necessary to care for himself. Yet he is left to the street to live or die until someone takes pity on him. This happens in your neighborhood all the time to many cats and dogs.

Imagine a girl just reaching puberty forced to have baby after baby until she is too tired to continue the cycle. Then she is discarded and replaced with a younger version of herself. This is condoned all the time in the pet industry. It is legal to treat pets this way.

When slavery was legal, it was a common belief that the slaves weren’t human. This was a means of mentally dealing with the atrocities that were perpetuated to a great race of people. How horrible for the people and also those capable of condoning such acts. Both hold the memories in their energy fields. It is such a painful subject that one dare not speak of such things out of respect for such deep wounds in all involved. The only reason to mention it is to bring some enlightenment to the surface so that the thick skull of human consciousness can be penetrated. Humanity must be saved from its lack of humanity.

I have experienced both the emotions of pets and their continuation on the other side of this physical existence. It is indeed my truth that an animal’s life is just as sacred as a human’s. It is only the naive and/or arrogant human that believes they are superior and valued more in the greater scheme of life.

I once adopted a big white dog that had spent most of his life in a crate. The day before St Patrick’s Day, I painted him green to take him to the parade the next day. All night he barked impatient barks at me as if to say, “come on let’s go!”  It wasn’t my imagination. He was excited to go to the parade.

At the parade all the Irish dancers and the marching groups wanted to take their photo with him. I learned that day that dogs do smile and they do show pride. He was a celebrity that day and he knew it. The thought of such an intelligent being spending most of his life up until that point in a cage is still unbearable to think of. And yet it happens a million times over.

I remember being at my friend’s house one day and having his huge malamute hanging around like a child at the card table. He was loved very much but guys will be guys and my friend started teasing his dear teen age Dog son.

“Do you know what he did?” my friend started telling me. “He ate a Brillo a pad.”

My friend was laughing and the malamute started to pull at him and growl a bit. He was embarrassed. It was as obvious as if he had turned red. He showed the emotion of embarrassment. Being teased about eating the Brillo pad brought with it a certain level of shame. Hid dad agreed, saw the embarrassment too and stopped teasing him.

If Dogs can feel pride, excitement and embarrassment, surely they can feel loneliness sadness and shame as well. They can even sacrifice themselves for someone they love as our soldiers learn from their K-9 fighting units.

Let’s not forget the loyalty of cats. Does anyone remember Scarlett who was featured in the news a few years back? Scarlett was a mother cat who got charred on most of her body by running back into a burning building five times to save each of her children.

We who love our pets and know that their loving qualities and capacities are sometimes superior to those of their human counterparts need to do all we can to protect them and uplift the awareness of what we are doing when we don’t make considerations for their quality of life. Doing this uplifts humanity and is necessary for all of our evolutionary growth and acceptance as more divine beings.