Discerning Love

The word Love is thrown around like an intangible commodity that people only pretend to have or understand. Someone will make another the brunt of many jokes and preface it with, “but you know I love you”. We may need some education on what Love is.

If people would really conceptualize Love better, maybe we wouldn’t be abusing others in the name of Love. We wouldn’t be causing so much emotional and physical damage to people that we Love. Relationships need not be the wild ride that they have become if we are more discerning with who we Love.

When we are attracted to others, many times it is a karmic draw from our past. This karmic pull is often accompanied by hormones that make us think that we are “in love” with that person. Have you ever run into someone you hardly knew from your past and were so glad to see them? You may not even have been friends in the past but seeing them conjured up positive feelings. This is how it is when we meet someone from a past life that we enjoyed. Seeing them brings back the memory of that life. That kind of acknowledgment gets confused with Love all the time. When we get into a relationship with them, we wonder why they have drastically changed when in fact we were never seeing them clearly in the first place.

Many people think that they need to Love family at all costs. In many instances we are born with family members who were our enemies in a past life (for instance when war was commonplace). The Universe brings people together to learn to love under any circumstances. How ideal is it to learn to Love your enemy in the guise of a present family member?  It is wonderful if this can happen!  Unfortunately, if everyone is not on board with being loving, one or two family members can suffer at the hands of the other members of the family. Those who suffer must sometimes cut their losses. Ultimately, learning to be your own ultimate source of Love can be done. To love one’s self is a required course in the classroom of Life.

Think of Love as a fine tangible mist with weight and volume. Think of everything living as connected by a translucent pipeline for Love.  The goal is to collect as much of this mist onto yourself and be a clear pipeline to feed this love to all around you.

The kindest most Loving people are sometimes surrounded by angry insensitive and even abusive people. I have seen this quality in many angelic souls. They are affronted by the crudest assaults and yet; even though disheveled and broken; maintain their loving stance.

I had a vision while doing a session on a sweet but hearty woman who had a few angry and abusive influences in her life. I saw a gigantic fleet of Angels in heaven being briefed on the affairs of earth. On earth there was such an onslaught of negativity that it needed to be addressed. Volunteers were needed to go down and address the situation. Thousands if not millions of hands went up to volunteer.

Their mission was to incarnate onto earth and to be present in the lives of the people that were the most angry and abusive. Their directive was just to Love. Love under any condition. Many times the anger would be directed and focused on them. By absorbing the anger they were soaking it up from the earth and deflecting it from others who were not so capable of absorbing it.

If you know one of these Angels or are one yourself: Don’t judge others too harshly. The Love and compassion for how you serve Life pours to you from an invisible source. Do the best that you can. Thank you for dissipating the hate instead of throwing it somewhere else in the world. The Universe Loves you.