Deciphering Abundance

There are so many ways to measure abundance besides monetary currency or a number in a checkbook. Here are ways that I measure abundance. Maybe a great way to manifest more abundance is to measure it directly instead of needing it converted into a mental concept to agree to it.

When we need abundance to be a monetary concept first, we are adding one more step to the process of manifesting abundance. We are putting more conditions on our criteria of what we accept as abundance.

Here are a list of the things that make me grateful for my abundance. What are yours?

    1. Plenty of blankets
    2. A warm home
    3. Fresh water
    4. Healthy, savory food
    5. The kindness of others
    6. Peace and a quiet environment
    7. Being in nature
    8. Living stress free
    9. Being able to spoil my pets
    10. Controlling my schedule


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