Dealing with These “Trying Times”

There has never been a time in history when it was not a trying time. It is an aspect of life. The struggle for balance demands that we are always met with adversity. It is what hones us as Spiritual Beings.

If someone were to be in space and live without gravity, their muscles would be so atrophied when they returned to earth that they wouldn’t be able to lift their head off the ground. This puts into perspective how adversity strengthens us.

It takes an act of will to proceed in the face of the streams of negativity that bombard the average individual. We have to choose to be more than average. One way to empower ourselves is to strengthen the spirit by swimming upstream against the negative currents. An even better choice is to simply let them pass by. This exercises the spirit in a different way by not engaging in them.

  • Turn off the news. The human processing system was not designed to continually filter death and disaster around the globe.
  • Refuse to listen to gossip. Shut it down or walk away.
  • Forego challenging others opinions and remove yourself from combative debates. It is an exercise in futility or an overindulgent ego.
  • Realize that truth is a subjective concept. Refuse to accept anyone’s vantage point as completely yours.
  • Be grateful that others have an opposing view. It takes the pressure off to not have to be right all the time.
  • Don’t judge others. You have abused power in the past. Allow others the same freedom to learn the consequences of their actions.
  • Every life is a compilation of miracles. The same miracles that run the microcosm of your life are the same ones that perpetuate the macrocosm. Trust the process.
  • Live in gratitude as a means of flipping the switch from fear to Love.
  • Realize that man does not run the show. There are forces in the Universe that are in play far beyond the infancy of man’s understanding.
  • Realize that every situation that arises always has a solution. It is part of the balance.
  • Realize that your thoughts and actions are part of the group consciousness. If you want a more positive world, think more positive thoughts and give little endorsement to the negative ones.
  • Recognize that truth has many vantage points. If you don’t like your present point of truth, just change it.

All of these suggestions aren’t easy to implement. Trying to use them is a means of strengthening spiritual muscles. It is much more empowering than being swept away in mass belief systems. True leaders challenge what the masses perceive as truth. By doing so in your corner of the world, you too become a great leader. It is inevitable.