Dealing with the Fear of Entities

Someone asked me a question about entities today. I never give them much thought because I only give my energy to love. But this person was really concerned about them. So here is how I answered.

Entities are dead energy with some thought form attached. It is not necessary to give them power. By even naming them as entities, you give them form. YOU! Does that make sense? You are giving them life. What we do is ALL energetic. What I do could all be considered dark and mysterious if I allowed it. I do not! I keep in the Light and Love and everything dries up in relationship to it, like a shadow that dissipates at high noon. Love is the only force that matters. Everything exists or does not exist in relationship to Love

Make your Love bigger and lighten the heaviness you have allotted the wisp of the smoke that you have given form with your fear. Blow it away!

You are protected in Love!

Visualize stepping out of your body and then crumpling your body up and throwing it into an old-fashioned wash tub. Dunk the body like a piece of clothing over and over and flush out all the ingrained dirt. Suds it up, rinse it,, squeeze out all the water and then put it on the line to dry in the sun. When it is softly warmed dry from the sun and bleached clean, step back into it and go about your day!

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