Dealing with Dumpers

People are stronger than they allow themselves to believe. They need to take self-responsibility. People who dump should realize a lot of things.

  • They should realize they are being selfish and lazy.
  • There is a way to take care of issues without dumping.
  • Dumping is an energetic systemic problem in this society.
  • People who allow it are not helping.

If someone tries to dump, you can cry with them, help them solve problems but don’t allow them to spew the details at you. Say to them, I love you and I want to support you but I simply can’t handle hearing all the details.

If they are on auto pilot and don’t respect that, say to them, I don’t care! It will shock them hopefully into realizing that you are a person and not a prop. If that doesn’t work and you have stated that it is not good for you, Then they obviously don’t care about you and are using you. Simply abruptly leave the conversation and remove yourself. That will create a bigger impression on them than anything.

You can continue to feed them love but make certain that the interaction is one-way. You can also put up a kind of two-way mirror protection for yourself where the love goes out but nothing comes in. If they really want your help, lead them through a spiritual visualization where they take all that is troubling them and dump it into a river of Light to dissolve.

To sit and tolerate dumping is an outmoded form of service or humility that was drummed into many of us in a past life. Now it is time to be present and wake up to self-responsibility. It is a difficult process but the more people understand your boundaries the more they will regulate their own.

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