Dealing with a Poltergeist

I had recently earned my massage license and had set up a room in my home to take in clients. The energy work couldn’t help but blend with the hands on work. My clients were treated to both if they wished; it was usually well received.

It was a Saturday morning and my client was a young woman who had just turned twenty-one. She was out celebrating the night before and she seemed a little scattered when she arrived. She was typically so grounded so this was unusual. I was thinking that I could help her recollect herself by performing a gentle massage on her.

She preferred a straight forward, physical massage; with no “energy” work involved. That was fine. That was what her belief system would allow. After a few moments on the table; a phenomena occurred. The Lights started to flicker on and off, the smoke detector started to beep simultaneously and my two dogs barked as if there was an intruder. It was alarming.

We were both startled. We calmed ourselves and when I started up again, the same thing happened. We were both on edge. I went to look around. She did not want to be left alone so I brought my dogs in the room to keep her company. This occurrence was something totally out of the ordinary.

I called a friend who was my go-to for energy work. We discovered what the issue was. And worked on clearing it together.It wasn’t a person but an animal on the other side who was very angry with my client. She needed to understand what was going on and make amends with someone she had offended.

She had a very active social life. As with a lot of young people, it was her focus. At her home, her family dog of many years had to be put down. It was a painful thing for her. Instead of dealing with it, she chose not to think about it and didn’t say good-bye. She just chose to go out and not give this family member the closure or love it deserved. The dog was hurt and angry at her.

We connected with the dog on the other side and she apologized. She finally said what she should have said before the dog crossed over. We poured love into her beloved pet and helped it cross over in peace. My client could not help but believe in things she once dismissed. This experience changed her belief system.

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