By All Means, Step Up on the Pedestal


There are people who love to be put on a pedestal. It makes them feel empowered to have people adore them. But it is a lot of work to be up there. People who have been put on a pedestal won’t tell you that because the ego payoff is too great for them. It becomes an addictive high for them. It creates an environment for an abuse of power. It creates this facade of perfection that is difficult to maintain. It may seem easy at first. But that is the guile to draw them in.

Think of the golden boy in college who is adored because he is good-looking and seems to excel at everything he does. He is simply living in the flow of enjoying praise. That is his norm. When people respect him, he may be naive to the fact that everyone is not treated that way. This may become a blind spot. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t experience. So he just assumes that people are respected when they speak and doors open easily for everyone. At first what seemed like he was just a bit naive about life is an issue as he assumes a career and interacts with everyone based on the assumption that all are respected. But as it is more difficult to have everyone adore him as he ventures out of his wheelhouse and finds people who don’t adore him. Losing what he thought was his entitlement can bring out another side of him. He may lose his glean.

It is especially of interest if this golden boy finds himself running for an elected office. Usually his charm and charisma carry him through uncontested. But what if he runs against a fellow golden boy and has to pull from an arsenal that he has never developed. Perhaps compassion is not his strong suit because he never was put in the position to have to wonder how other people make it through. It can show up as a weakness in him. Or he can show up deceitful, incompetent or even a bully. In some cases, with the rug pulled out from under him, he can turn into a monster to all who don’t adore him; all that are not under his psychic spell of charisma.

Being put on a pedestal creates its own issues. There are psychic pulls on you from people who want your attention. There are hurt feelings for interactions you never even realized were going on. There is judgement based on preconceived notions of what you should and should not do. There are special treatment that is demanded as validation. Being put on a pedestal is a form of slavery in itself. If you don’t have the addiction to ego gratification, there is no payoff. The only reason to be renown, really, is because you have such a deep sense of purpose to fulfill. Then your presence is necessary in the world to fulfill it. There are for too few people renown in that way.

The other, more popular reason to be renown, is that there is such an incredible desire to be loved that it is unquenchable in an ordinary life.  It becomes about the energetic payoff of what others give to you. This feeds a needy persona that is fearful of being genuine because they need the spotlight like a drug. A despicable form of getting attention is using hate to be adored by those who are so frustrated with themselves, that they attract people filled with hate.  They are adored by the primal admiration of the hate their followers can muster. The hate is a glue and an emotional bond that blurs everything else. It creates the fervor of a mob mentality that their adoring leader stokes for them. In return, they feed him the respect of one in the primal mode of existing gives, to the one directing the mob. The mob gives up their ability to reason and defer to him. It is a dangerous thing to abuse.  Luckily the age of such tactics being successful is waning. We have all been giving a front row seat to gorging on such hypocrisy.

The shift in consciousness is important. It is taking everyone from living in a society that is similar to a multilevel marketing scheme where your personal qualities are the assets amongst which are wealth and beauty. It is removing the tier system. The tier system when it comes to humans is a lie. Either, you have integrity and ethics or you are lying. We are at a saturation point in allowing people to run on bullshit as we can clearly see through it in the upgrade.

What may not be as easy to see, because it is a privileged status, is the prison in being put on a pedestal. You can see so many people, as they gain awareness, feel it is their time to be adulated. Even in spiritual circles. They give sage advice, call people “Dear One, and assume things that are not in the energy field of the person they are addressing. They write books and gain followers, and try to gain stature through sheer volume. But the world doesn’t need any more jockeying for position. It needs someone to tell you the pitfalls of the pedestal.

I am in a great position to do that. My course has been dented out of the harshest metal. The Ancient ones who have guided me to this point ensured a thorough education in compassion and awareness.  I asked them once, why am I driven by such need to be loved as I am capable of loving the whole world. They explained that my desperate need for love is a carrot they have dangled before me to keep me on the course to fulfilling my purpose. Many days, the desire to prove myself worthy to exist were the only things that motivated me to share the truth that I have collected from being invisible and basically a non-human  in this life.

I would have given up long ago if it weren’t for being on social media and having someone say that something I write was good, or that a story I shared, moved them. That simple nicety was the only love I would receive. I even underestimated the documentation of the miracles that seem to happen in the personal sessions I facilitate. Until I wrote them on Facebook like the Ancient Ones instructed, did I realize that they were impressive. I even forgot most of the incidents, unless I documented them with a story.

I had no idea that I had anything of value to share. The Ancient Ones knew I didn’t have the discipline to write a book. So they had me write in-depth articles on social media and collect them as articles to be put into a book. There are seven now, soon to be more. All of which are to assist the seeker in tapping into their own empowerment and wisdom. None of them are gratuitous. Meaning, they weren’t made to stoke my ego. I learned from a great editor year ago to make your writing about the reader and not yourself.

The reason I mention all this is because of the great insights I have received about being put on a pedestal. The Ancient ones were thorough in my training. From not being nurtured as a baby, I have a form a detachment syndrome. Meaning, I don’t feel love the way others do. Compliments and ego stroking do not influence me because I don’ get distracted by them like others do. I see the dynamic in energy of want in every engagement. It is the want that motivates people to put others on a pedestal. They want to be pulled up on the pedestal without the accountability of doing the work. Or maybe worse, they merely want permission to elevate their own status. They want someone they deem worthy to tell them that they are worthy too.

This truth is as obvious to me as seeing the sky is blue. The real reason people put others on a pedestal and the only real reason, is because they are avoiding accountability. That’s it.  Everything else is a psychic dance between needy parties. Even and especially in a spiritual group, there is no reason to put anyone on a pedestal.  That is a lie and an entrapment by the group. There is really no need to allow yourself on a pedestal either. What an arrogance that is bred in simply doing that.  The Ancient Ones have told me to give everything that they give me out to others and they will always supply more. It is male energy through the ages that has hoarded truth and left little bread crumbs of truth to follow. Making the sincere seeker jump through hoops to be deemed worthy. Giving out little upgrades that mean nothing. Where female energy gives all in the spirit of sisterhood. And this is the reason spiritual empowerment is so important to the world at this time.

We are all the face of God. We are all the sons and daughters of God. Jesus said he was the son of God but the part where he says we are all the sons and daughters of God was edited out for a male agenda. Putting God in a male body was the trip 055 of our godliness. The compassion, caring, keen insights and expansive reasoning are all held in the female component of our energy. We must all embrace those things. Any group, regardless of whether it is a religion, government or informal setting that defers to male energy is a limitation. If “they” sell you male adulation in any subtle way, it is a lie. Female energy can manipulate her atoms to resonate as male if necessary. But it is not necessary. We have all been deceived too long. We have all refused accountability too long. Woman, because she loves so dearly deferred to male energy. But now, because she loves so dearly, she must take her place back in balance with male energy and correct all that it has abused.

The ONLY reason for being on a pedestal is to use that vantage point as a hand up to pull everyone else up to the vantage point of the pedestal and to eliminate the lower perceived stance. In anything you do, if you are not pulling people up to your level when possible, then you are holding humanity down. Life is no longer one perpetual pissing contest. And make fun of it all you will but a few rounds of Kum Bay a never hurt anyone.

I Love you all.


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