Daily Checklist

  • Wake up grateful
  • Remember your dreams
  • Record the wisdom you collected in the night
  • Listen to what your innate wisdom is telling you
  • Nurture yourself with kindness and self-care
  • Greet all the other souls in your home with enthusiasm.
  • Plan an adventure for the day
  • Set out an intention to do something fulfilling
  • Validate others who serve you in the community
  • Acknowledge and accept all gifts graciously
  • Give care and nurture those who depend on you for their sustenance
  • Recognize all the synchronicity, synergy and flat-out miracles that make your life wonderful.
  • Be a blessing to others and yourself
  • Challenge others’ limitations.
  • Awaken a dream
  • Rekindle a spirit
  • Motivate the masses
  • Uplift humanity
  • Empower a world
  • Expound on a vision
  • Stretch your capacity to love
  • Accept all that you give in the natural ebb and flow of expansion
  • Awaken to your guides
  • Embrace all your teachers
  • Accept all your lessons
  • Forgive your own learning curve
  • Let go of all interactions
  • Lay down your guard
  • Rest your head in gratitude and surrender
  • Awaken in your higher awareness
  • Surrender to the incredible wonderment of the Universe

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