Coping with Stress and Eating Disorders

Eating is one of the most primal urges. There may be a disconnect between the desire for food in this lifetime and the deprivation of past lifetimes. We forget how vital food is for survival. Even though it seems like a less important need, food for the body is as elemental as the body’s need for oxygen.

Compulsive overeaters have experienced starvation in past lifetimes. When they are in binge mode, their brain is in primal mode. The desire to eat overrides mental rationality. The same survival mode also overrides the body signals of being full.

A technique to use when someone is a binge eater, is to visualize being in the lifetime that they starved in. Imagine feeding THAT body as opposed to the present body. That is why binge eaters never get full; they are not present when they are eating so they never register as full. It’s also why the dieting technique of conscious eating is effective. When we’re consciously eating, we’re bringing our emotional self into the present.

Some of us are so stuck in starvation mode that it’s nearly impossible to be present when we eat. We are emotionally trapped in a past experience. The key to overriding this is to consciously bring the food we are presently eating into the other experience. This brings the food we are eating and the hunger we’re feeling, into alignment. When we aren’t consciously eating, it is like bringing food up to your mouth but never having it connect. Bringing the food of the present into the starvation of the past is an empowering technique of feeding the desire behind the food.

Another technique to satisfy a compulsive desire for food is the cotton candy technique. Since the sun is an important energy supply, visualize the Sun as a huge burst of edible energy in the form of cotton candy. During the day, visualize pulling off tufts of sun energy and eating it through the day. Feel it dissolve in your mouth, satiate and energize you. Since action follows thought, you will actually be supplying a deep form of comfort to your body.

Many people vacillate between feeling insecure and sensing the awesome omnipotence of their true self. This creates a skewed self image. Someone can feel really great about themselves and then look in the mirror and feel Huge. They actually perceive their own energy field. It is much larger than their physical body. If people could separate their energy field from their physical body, they wouldn’t feel so confused when they look in the mirror and see a big presence. They would accept the illusion of what they see in the mirror and realize that is good to have a huge presence. It is ridiculous to try and starve an energy field. There is a way to draw in your energy field but it has nothing to do with food deprivation.

When someone throws up constantly they are really stressed personalities. Food represents energy to them. Since they have excess energy in the form of stress, they throw up as a way to literally release the stress. There are many techniques to release the stress but it has nothing to do with food deprivation.

The easiest way to alleviate stress is techniques that were developed by a man named Lester Levinson. They have developed into two present disciplines. One is called the Sedona Method and the other is called The Release Technique. Lester Levinson discovered that stress has a weight and a mass. If there was the right intricate machinery, your stress could actually be measured.

Lester taught that stress is trapped energy. It wants to be released. If you want to get rid of stress, just visualize opening up your stomach and your chest and visualize the stress being sucked out by a Universal Vacuum Cleaner. It would look similar to how the air would come rushing out of an opened door on an airplane. Try this technique and see if it helps alleviate stress.

Another technique that is based on the teachings of Lester Levinson is a twist on the vacuum technique. When you are feeling stress being drawn into your lower stomach, it is uncomfortable because it’s being stored there until your body can process it. Instead of drawing the stress in, visualize a muscle in the lower stomach blowing the energy out. Develop this sensation and using it can be as simple as changing a setting on your vacuum cleaner.

Once you have figured how to do this, think of things that have caused a stress reaction in your body. At the same time, switch the setting on the stomach to blow the energy out. If you experience a big yawn and a sense of being lighter, you have successfully released your own stress. I believe eating disorders are more about stress and feeling ineffective than about food. The techniques I have suggested are meant to empower.

If you want to check out the Release Technique or the Sedona Method, the links are on the menu of this website. Under “Links” go to the page that’s called “Other Sites”. Both techniques are proven ways for Healers to stay balanced. I also suggest that you share this message with anyone you know who is stressed or has an eating disorder.