Commitment to Me



Life itself is built on a lie

If you’re born you win,

You lose when you die


It’s more of a continuous cycle to me

I ebb, I flow, I win, I concede


I wax, I wane, I rise, I fall

I’m both summer and winter, both infinite and small

I’m everything to everyone, yet nothing at all


I’m one grain of sand, or one massive sea

I can heal the whole planet

But what happens to me?


I disappear in the Love I give out to the world

A lost, staving child

A penniless girl


With the kindness of strangers the pattern must end

Love is the whole spectrum

Not just a means to an end.


It’s not giving to others yet holding love a bay

Or sidestepping kindness

As I give it away


It’s not putting off happiness one moment or a day

But embracing life now

In the spirit of play


It’s stirring the myriad of what I’ll allow

‘Having the richness of living

Complete me somehow


The details are fuzzy on how this can be

Yet I know it begins

With a commitment to me.


Jen Ward

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