Commanding Respect

It is easy to tell when someone is angry by the tone of their voice. It is also easy to tell when someone is passive by their tone.  More and more, people are using the question inflection as their regular speaking voice. This puts them in a state of passivity.

When one is asking a question, they are in a more vulnerable state than as if they were answering the same question. When one uses this state, it may be a means of keeping people receptive to them. But it may have a side effect of appearing weak.

Pay attention to the tone that you use. If people don’t seem to listen to you or you feel that you are not commanding the respect that you deserve, it may be as simple as changing your tone. When you speak, say firm statements. If you don’t know what that is, think of how you would say something if you were mad but controlled. See if changing your tone helps you create more of a presence for yourself in regard to others.

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